“Crystal Castles (2010)” by Crystal Castles

crystal castles


I’ve never given Crystal Castles an honest listen before. I’ve listened to maybe a minute into a track from their first album and I immediately moved on. But Jonathan has been raving about their second self-titled album, Crystal Castles, ever since he’s taken a listen — so I thought I’d try it out. And listening to the album as a whole, I can see the appeal. Their experimental, gothy vibe works because it’s consistent throughout the entire album. They don’t let down their listeners and give in to conventional trance beats. They give us reverbs, uneven musical glitches, yells, rippling voices, distortion, and lots of postmodern musical shit (in the good sense). I’m sure by self-titling their album again, they are making a statement and declaring that this is THEIR genre of music and this second album is just a continuation of their first one. How uppity of them — I heard they’re bitches in interviews and on stage — but I suppose that’s their appeal.¬†Not sure if I’m yet a fan, but I can imagine listening to this album while I’m studying… intensely. If I had to make a comparison of a DJ/group that I am still on the fan-borderline, they def remind me of Flying Lotus — or of what I remember during his set at Coachella this year. This isn’t much of a review, as much as it is a casual observation. Crystal Castles isn’t exactly my type of music, but I thought I’d write something about them anyway.

Crystal Castles (2010) has already been digitally released (April 23, 2010) but the physical copy is due out May 24, 2010.

Favorite song: No favorite song yet, but the title “Pap Smear” makes me giggle. And reminds me of my friend Martha during senior year of high school — but that story is for another blog.

Rating: Nighttime club scene with lots and lots of lasers, fogs, and heavy eyeliner on both genders. And people solo-dancing, high off of E. That scene.

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