“Tourist History” by Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club

aren't they cute and hairy-legged.

Released in March 2010, Tourist History provides a fresh look at pure indie pop, with a mix of electro-synthy goodness. This Irish band makes sing-along ready indie pop that is far from cheesy. The complicated guitar work and interlacing of different instruments still provide some sophistication, especially on the track, “Do You Want it All.” They don’t have a permanent drummer in their band, which is pretty apparent when the guitars are so highlighted in each song. I’m a big fan of mixing rock with some electronic elements — particularly when the electronics DON’T take over the track. Especially during this time where everything that is being released is electronica-heavy, it’s nice to hear some fun pop rock music that is actually not embarrassing to listen to in public.

Anywho, they’re a fun quirky band who are getting pretty popular in the indie blog world. They recently performed in South Korea with Kanye and Calvin Harris. I’m sad I missed out on that.

My favorite track is “Something Good Can Work.” It’s super fun and super catchy. Alex’s tongue-twisting singing is amazing. The track has a little funk to it. And red heads are adorbs.

Rating: I imagine them at an outdoor stage during the day. They’re just so fun and summery. And I also imagine them all wearing straw hats and cuffed jeans with Toms. So hipster. But it’s okay ’cause they’re foreign.

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