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Reviews coming soon!

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This is Happening

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One Life Stand

Life has been way too busy lately. School, friends, birthdays, and just… LIFE! And I’m not complaining. But I will try my best to post up reviews on LCD and Hot Chip’s new albums as soon as possible. In the meantime, I regularly update my tumblr blog:, so ch-ch-ch-check it out to see what I’m into lately and forever.


Reviews coming soon!

I’ve been way too busy with spring break and the fun from the beginning of spring quarter that I haven’t been able to write down my thoughts on all the new music I’ve been listening to. Quite sad, but I will get to it ASAP. Soon to post: MGMT’s new album, “Congratulations”; my discovery of Barcelona-based band, Delorean, and their new single, “Stay Close”; Yeasayer’s “Odd Blood”; and much more!

Time change

So it’s 3:24am right now and I’m pretty sure I’m going to wake up at 1pm tomorrow. Sigh. I hope not. I’m rather hungry right now and waking up at 1pm would just depress me so. Guh, I think I’m going a little loopy– especially since I’m watching 30 Rock and the humor is so crazy/blunt.

I’m still debating where this blog is headed. I really like tumblr so I’m torn.

And I could really care less. I think it’s just something for me to do at 3:28am. Tumblr got boring. Facebook is filled with statuses about the time change. is currently streaming 30 Rock already. I’ve already read every blog I follow. Blargh.

I can’t believe I wrote a 12 page paper in about 6 hours. Let’s just hope I wrote it correctly. At least I’m doooooone! Just got dreadful econ left on Thursday. And then it’s Boston and New York! zomg. Can’t wait. Things are all coming together.

Shit. I just laughed out loud and Jasper is sleeping. Poor girl has  work in about 3 hours. btw, I love Brian Williams.

Trying out wordpress.

Don’t know if I’m going to keep using this, but I figured I’ll try it out since every company out there uses WordPress as their blog (in addition to Twitter .. which IS NOT CONSIDERED A BLOG IMO).

We’ll see what this blog turns into.

This shit is so complicated. English proofreader and word count? Damn son. I feel like I’m writing a paper for one of my lit classes.

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