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“Delta Spirit” by Delta Spirit

boyzz being boyzz

Where to begin. It’s been over a year since I’ve blogged on this. Since then, I’ve been exploring the life of being in the “real world” and working full-time and not having enough time to dedicate to simply listening to music and writing about it! I’ve been trying my best to keep up my listening habits and dabble in every online music streaming platform out there and thanks to turntable.fm, I’ve been somewhat keeping up with the indie muzak scene. And since I’m venturing into a new job/new point in life soon, I thought I’d try this long-form blogging thing another try!

So Delta Spirit. Love ’em to death. Ever since I saw a tweet from @NPR announcing that they were streaming Delta Spirit’s new self-titled album, I immediately turned off whatever the hell I was listening to (probably my “Mariah Carey Station” on Pandora), and went straight for the stream. I’ve actually heard some of their new stuff while watching them live at Holiday Hootenanny this past year and was ecstatic that the fun, gritty sound that I love about Delta Spirit was still there. I’m partial to bands that are loyal to their original sounds. (Side note: Matt Vasquez is a total charmer!) This album is a perfect intro into the imminent San Diego summer by a San Diego-based band.

My favorite track is “California.” Not just ’cause it has the title “California,” but because of all the background discords that are blended so perfectly with the main melody. And the lyrics are just so encouraging to find someone who makes you happy, even it isn’t even him… and of course all about California-loving! And I love the “oohs” throughout it. Can’t hate on a good sing-along “ooh.”

Delta Spirit is graciously streaming the entire album on their website, so take a listen! It’s also on Spotify.

If you’re in San Diego in the next few months, Delta Spirit is performing at one of my favorite SD venues, Belly Up, on May 12. Tickets are only $18! Do yourself a favor and go see them live!!!!

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