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“Subiza” by Delorean



I know it’s the night before my 22nd birthday, but instead of waiting restlessly for midnight to strike, I decided to write a review on one of my favorite bands at the moment, Delorean. Upon discovery, I liked them instantly for their ethereal style and electropop goodness. I’m a sucker for synth-y music (all starting with Hellogoodbye back in the day).

Subiza, released in March of this year, was recently reviewed as best new music by Pitchfork. And rightfully so. I’ve never really heard anything like this before and the music just seems to float above everything else — it takes you on some sort of space, star-filled adventure. Subiza is filled with soft club dance tunes that remind you of the hazy 90s videos — but with much better music (not that the 90s had awful music.. but come on.. there were some terrible music during that time). I love the echo-y chipmunk voices blurred in with the continuous airy beats — interrupted by actual “singing” by the band. This album makes me want to visit Spain even more.

Favorite song: All of their songs are good but “Stay Close” sticks out to me. I guess you can call it their single since they released a MV for it. It’s a total aimlessly-driving-through town-during-summer-nights tune. The whole album is actually.

Rating: Indoor, club scene with lots of lasers and lights (like Voyeur in SD). Their DJ set must be awesome.

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