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“This Is Happening” by LCD Soundsystem


sip sip sip

So I’ve listened to This Is Happening by LCD Soundsystem about 4 times in its entirety. And it’s definitely better than the last record. It’s more calculated and thought out. I just read that it took 2 years to make it, and it shows. I saw them perform at Coachella from about 100 yards away and they were fun as hell. I was apprehensive at first of their lives shows because their previous albums weren’t amazing or anything, good but not something I’d want to see live. But it was surprising. I danced my ass off. And when they performed their new stuff, especially “Drunk Girls,” I went pretty wild. Their mellower stuff like, “I Can Change,” is great too. They still have the droning electronic beats with James Murphy’s mesmerizing voice that always has a tinge of irony and quirk. “One Touch” especially reminds me of their older stuff, which makes me happy. I think LCD is the first band which I don’t mind the 7 minute long songs. The commentary in between sets was funn-ay too. Anyway, as a final album for LCD, I say bravo. It was a good run and they definitely left it at a high note. And make sure to check out the video for “Drunk Girls” — hilar. LCD Soundsystem is performing at the Fox Pomona Theatre on June 5th. They’re labeled, “Dance Rock.” Haha.

Favorite track: I think it’s a tie between “Drunk Girls” and “All I Want”. The former because the video is just so damn funny. Come on…. violent pandas? How could I NOT like this song. And “All I Want” is just fun to listen to and rock-y.

Rating: Ahhhhh totally see them performing at a dance/performance hall. I’m so sad I’m missing out on their Pomona performance, but alas, jenkim must save money. They were great at Coachella, but I think a closed venue would work wonders on their sounds.

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