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“Volume Two” by She & Him

She & Him

Zooey and M.Ward as "She & Him"

Officially releasing on March 23, 2010, Volume Two takes you back to the floaty ’50s. Listening to the album, I can’t help but imagine a scene with hazy, soft lighting and a slight ripple across a lake next to a meadow with daisies and bubbles. You get the picture. If you want another description, imagine pink cotton candy: airy and sweet. Zooey’s voice is infectious and you can’t help but bob your head along to her songs of optimism and loooove. So grab your sunglasses and one-piece bathing suit and go lounge outside with an iced tea while listening to She & Him through your iPod headphones.

NPR is streaming the full album now till its release here.

My favorite track: “Gonna Get Along Without You Now

Rating: Mid-day set during Coachella. I imagine this album being performed to me while I sit on the grass with my floppy wide-brimmed hat on… and having an unobstructed view of Zooey (and her outfit).

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