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“The Brutalist Bricks” by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

I don’t consider myself a writer, but I enjoy writing. So I guess this blog will be more writing-based and therefore will include my reviews on music, films, tv, and any other media I find on the Internets.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists' The Brutalist Bricks

"The Brutalist Bricks" by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

SO. First review of this blog: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists’s (written as “Ted Leo” hereinafter) new album, The Brutalist Bricks. Released digitally yesterday, this album has been playing on my iTunes non-stop. It’s packed with high energy, awesome guitar hooks, and just pure Americana rock, which Jonathan pointed out: the “Americana” hype is coming back. Starting off the album with his distinctive singing backed by distorted guitar riffs, Ted Leo sings about cafe doors exploding on the track, “The Mighty Sparrow.” And of course it wouldn’t be a Ted Leo song without the AUDIBLE bass guitar, which is rather refreshing since bass guitarists don’t get much air/music time. I could be wrong, but that’s just my opinion.

And normally, I hate that damn airhorn noise that a lot of rappers and hip hop artists use in their songs (like M.I.A.’s DJ did during her Coachella performance; I wanted to blast his ears with an air horn.), but ending the song with a faded air horn mixed with some synthy riff in “Mourning in America” sounded pretty appropriate and rather funny.

And my favorite song off the album is “Bottled in Cork.” The melody is sweet and simple. And the repeated hook at the end is catchy as hell: “Tell the bartender, I think I’m falling in love.”

If you want a rating, I’ll rate albums according to how I’d want to see the bands perform this material live. So, I’d rate this album appealing to a short-set festival setting. “Bro, I’m so glad I’m experiencing this with you.” That kind of setting.

*an FYI for following music reviews: not a big lyricist. more of a music-focused kinda fan. it’s terrible i know, but that’s just how i roll*

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