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“Big Echo” by The Morning Benders

the morning benders

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A dream. When listening to Big Echo, I imagine myself in a surreal world with clouds and slow-moving stuffed animals roaming around me. Not saying that the album is vacant, it just feels like it’s the soundtrack to a discontinuous dream. The first track, “Excuses, ” utilizes a full orchestra (check out the Vimeo video), and it’s beautiful. But sadly, as much as I love this band from the beginning, I’d have to say it stops there. Though slow-tempo’d music is nice once in awhile, it only puts me to bed. It’s obvious these SF-based kids are musical but they lack spunk! The only real upbeat song is the Spoon-tinged, “All Day Day Light.” ┬áMaybe this album is a grower. I did obtain this during finals week and I was SO not in the mood for sloooooow music. But I do admire their cuteness. They’re performing on March 26th at Casbah in San Diego. I’m going to have to miss them AGAIN, but I’m sure they’ll come back. They seem to love playing in San Diego.

Favorite track: “Promises.” They released this free mp3 prior to their album release. So good!! Had high hopes for the album. Sigh…

Rating: Best to be experienced in a small 200-person venue, like The Loft on campus (UCSD). They probably feed off of the closeness of their fans and gauge their performance to the crowd’s excitement. I can’t imagine them surviving in a bigger venue with a musically-diverse crowd. Not to judge a book by its cover, but they seem way too sensitive for that.

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