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“Gorilla Manor” by Local Natives

local natives


I was going to do a review on Yeasayer’s Odd Blood and on Delorean, but I’ve just discovered this LA-based indie GEM, Local Natives, who blew my mind with their live performance on Day 3 of Coachella. Having only released one album, Local Natives definitely made a name for themselves in the indie rock world, seamlessly producing an album that fits right into the Pitchfork arena. They have harmonies that have a tinge of Band of Horses and have the folksy vibe of Fleet Foxes, yet more upbeat. Gorilla Manor has strings, piano, choral tones, a badass drummer, clapping, and group shouting. And it’s all done without it being completely muddled. What makes this band unique is their lack of an actual frontman, and instead group sing and make harmonies that reminds me of a perfectly in tune boys choir at times, but with a much maturer sound. After a quick wiki search, apparently their album took a completely collaborative approach — amazing. And don’t let the slow pace fool you, their live show has so much energy and encourages sing-alongs. This album has been on repeat since the day I came back to San Diego from Coachella. Big thanks to Evan for showing me this band. And I love that they are unafraid to make pop culture references. LA love for sureeee.

Favorite track: “Who Knows Who Cares” is so smooth and seamless. I’m a sucker for slow jams. The intense drumming during the extended harmonies is perfect. Also, love how the singer (not sure who exactly) pronounces “Colorado.”

Rating: Side stage at a festival cast against the setting sun. That Gobi tent at Coachella was nice and intimate but their sound would have exuded so well in the open air. And of course, a tiny tiny venue with the capacity of 150 would be shooper ideal. But I can’t see that happening since they’re getting so much praise.

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